Our Experience

Hexagon Creative has experiences with a wide range of companies throughout the Detroit area. We have worked with many different companies and nonprofits. Some companies we have worked for include Atwater Beer, Bamboo coworking space, and HOUR Detroit. We have also worked with nonprofits such as the Belle Isle Conservancy and the Ferndale Housing Commision. Our broad range of experience has helped us grow and become able to serve any companies needs, big or small, for profit or nonprofit, and our specialty: startups.

What Make Us Different

At Hexagon Creative, we don’t just believe in building a better website, we believe in creating it from the ground up. We make sure all of our websites are mobile friendly. We use wordpress, which thirty one percent of the internet runs on. We use Google SEO to help clients rank higher. Serventy perfect of internet searches are made through google. We test all of our sites for quality and functionality, with a personal touch that separates us from the competition. Like the Build Institute, we work with a variety of different businesses, including a few Build Institute alumni such as Detroit is the New Black. We are also a startup and are familiar with many of the needs and goals of those at the Build Institute.